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Capitol Hill Insurrection

Capitol riot: Five startling images from the siege - BBC News

Now that the Dust has settled on the Capitol Hill Insurrection, the consequences have become more and more apparent. Not only with the lives lost and the damage to property, but also for the national security of the United States of America.

Unauthorised Access

As any cyber security professional knows, physical access to a computer often means that its security data is easily stolen. This could have dire consequences for the national security of the US. Rioters with direct access to the building, jeopardising any of the information held within them, are now under legal scrutiny.

After the insurrection at Capitol Hill, we saw when the speaker of the houses’ office (Nancy Pelosi) was broken into, this left vital infrastructure a prime target for exploitation, not to mention the fact that these photos [from twitter] seem to show that one of her staffers seem to have left their computer unlocked.

State Secrets?

To add to the concern, one of the laptops in her office is missing. Another belonging to the office of Jeff Merkley. As a result, this could have serious and long-standing implications. At stake is leverage and potentially confidential information in the hands of domestic terrorists. Pelosi’s confirmation of the theft of a laptop does not convey its importance. She is stating that it belongs to “a conference room” and is “for presentations”.

Collateral Damage

We expect that more information about the extent of the damage will be available eventually, but people worrying about the security of the nation and its secrets are reluctant to release any further evidence. As for the information contained within the laptops, with proper security it could be very difficult to retrieve. Who could have ever predicted insurrection on Capitol Hill in 2021? If you are worrying about the security of your systems and end points,

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