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Network Security

The Most Common TCP Ports And Their Services

The Most Common TCP Ports and Their Services When looking at the output of a port scan, many hackers will know which service many of them correspond to. However, this does not necessarily show how common these ports are. This post highlights which ports are ACTUALLY most common on the internet and the services they … Read More

Corporate Hacking Surges

Corporate hacking surges are becoming more frequent. Work-from-home policies have contributed to a large surge in hacking against corporations. Many staff have made the transition to working from their homes amidst the global covid-19 pandemic. As a result we are seeing malicious activity more than double in many countries.

Tools for penetration testing

We all know that skilled hackers are only as good as the tools they use – whether they are self-made or widely available to download, professionals rely on tools to speed up tests and complete tasks which would otherwise not be humanly possible (such as exploit’s with race conditions, for example). So, here they are; Sencode Cyber Security’s top 5 hacking tools as of February 2021.

How vulnerable are wireless networks?

Wireless networks now offer a wide range of advantages over their wired counterparts. The impending arrival of 5G in the UK soon means it is critical that businesses understand how to maintain their services securely. What follows is a list of threats specific to wireless networks and how they can be compromised. Many of these … Read More