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How to check if you’ve been hacked by Pegasus

Pegasus Project is now one of the biggest scandals, with tens of thousands of government officials and journalists being hacked and surveilled by their own governments, and other countries using malware and spyware developed by NSO group; a ‘Cyber Intelligence’ company based in Israel.

Signing Your Life Away?

Have you been signing your life away? Remember those Terms and Conditions that nobody ever read? You know, the ones that we always used to see when we were downloading an app or signing up to subscribe to something? Sure, you do!

Corporate Hacking Surges

Corporate hacking surges are becoming more frequent. Work-from-home policies have contributed to a large surge in hacking against corporations. Many staff have made the transition to working from their homes amidst the global covid-19 pandemic. As a result we are seeing malicious activity more than double in many countries.

How vulnerable are wireless networks?

Wireless networks now offer a wide range of advantages over their wired counterparts. The impending arrival of 5G in the UK soon means it is critical that businesses understand how to maintain their services securely. What follows is a list of threats specific to wireless networks and how they can be compromised. Many of these … Read More

9 Million customers data stolen from EasyJet

Earlier today, on the 19th of May 2020 we found out that 9 million customers have had some of their personal information stolen from EasyJet. The extent of this hack at the moment seems to be that 2200 people have had their credit card details stolen and have been notified, although we expect further developments … Read More

How your online footprint hurts you

As an individual’s online presence grows, the amount of information an attacker can use against them grows with it. Everyone has heard of a story of some online personalities’ information being leaked online. But very few people know how this happens and why it is so common. Many of these ‘Hacks’ of personal information never … Read More