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Endpoint Security

VPN, remote access and end devices are all a target for hackers and as a result were dedicating ourselves to helping your business remain secure.

What are endpoints

An endpoint to a network can range from something as simple and obvious as a company laptop to IoT devices that are connected to the network. Any piece of hardware which can be connected to your network with a networking card is an endpoint and is a potential attack surface for a hacker. Because of this Endpoint Security is one one the most essential security features of any network.

What does is mean to ‘secure’ an endpoint?

Endpoint security is the process of securing devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and desktops to ensure that they are hardened against attacks. Hackers target these devices in order to gain a foothold within a business allowing them to spread. We aim to stop this from happening using our unique independent advice as well as security assessments for the services which those users would use to connect or access the internal network. Our approach helps increase the security of a company through a mixture of staff training, software recommendations, and penetration tests of clients’ services to ensure that you’re given the best security possible at a reasonable price.

How can we help?

Our team all specialize in making companies secure through training, audits of existing infrastructure, and helping our clients improve giving them the resources and tools you need to thrive and know their data is secure.

More than an Antivirus

Many companies will offer a kind of endpoint security that does not match the real-world threats. To ensure the security of your systems it is not enough to have a piece of software on end devices. Other measures need to be taken to ensure that you’re getting the best security possible. Intrusion prevention via staff training and fire-walling and numerous other methods must be taken to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. External security assessments should be done to ensure that no user error or other vulnerabilities exist on your system which could be devastating and is not covered with almost all endpoint protection platforms.

What we offer

  • Advice and recommendations on the best malware protection for your devices
  • Assessment of existing infrastructure to ensure it is protected
  • Data loss and exfiltration protection
  • Endpoint foot printing allowing you to understand every attack vector of your business
  • A client centred tailored approach to security

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