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Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Assess your security posture through Infrastructure Penetration Testing to allow you to manage the identified issues.

What is an Infrastructure Penetration Test?

Sencode can provide an expert independent examination of internal and external Infrastructure. The purpose of this test is to ensure the security and flexibility of any corporate environment or computer system. Once Sencode has completed an assessment of any infrastructure it is handed to our client in an expertly written and comprehensive report which included all our findings and advice on how any issues found can be fixed quickly and effectively.

Internal Penetration Testing

Sencode offers infrastructure penetration testing services for businesses that are looking at getting an in-depth analysis of their assets to provide a realistic simulation of an attack against your network. Assessing an enterprise’s internal network is a layered process and comprehensive coverage is not always provided by single source scan. Sencode will enumerate vulnerabilities across systems, internal devices, and applications through deep-dive manual penetration testing that simulates the overt actions of a malicious attacker. This produces real-world results on actual vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities are then identified by the initial scanning efforts and verified to eliminate false positives. Sencode thoroughly analyses the remainder and manually probes for any unidentified vulnerabilities the scanners could not find.

External Penetration Testing

External Infrastructure Penetration Testing is a simulated attack on a clients public facing systems, this is done via automated and manual means. Public-facing services include servers with public IP addresses, such as websites and email servers, that can be accessed by internet users.

The testing would identify possible vectors of attack by which a device may be remotely compromised. The results will be provided by Sencode with replication measures, along with remediation recommendations.

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