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How to Check if You Have Been Hacked by Pegasus

Pegasus Project is now one of the biggest scandals, with tens of thousands of government officials and journalists being hacked and surveilled by their own governments, and other countries using malware and spyware developed by NSO group – a ‘Cyber Intelligence’ company based in Israel.

This toolset has been linked to many high-ranking government officials, celebrities, and journalists and has been used to monitor every aspect of their mobile phones including text messages, phone calls, GPS locations, and turning on the microphone allowing them to listen in. All of this had been going on for years without the knowledge of the victim.

Thanks to the work of Amnesty International Security Lab, we can now check any mobile device to ensure that they are not being monitored using Pegasus. The tool they have created allows users to check for IoCs (Indicators of Compromise) on their mobile phone and backups of their phone to see if they have been targeted by one of the many governments who had access to the Pegasus toolkit.

MVT (Mobile Verification Toolkit) was released on GitHub 3 days before this blog was written and allows anyone to download and run the tool against their mobile device to see if they have been hacked and surveilled. For a tool that was released three days ago, it seems to have fantastic documentation and is easy to run using nothing but python and a few modules.

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