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Expert Cyber Security Consulting & Penetration Testing

Discover professional Penetration Testing from certified professionals. Sencode is amongst the top penetration testing companies in the UK; our penetration testing services are designed to help companies meaningfully improve their security.

Penetration Testing Service

Secure your digital assets today. Defend your valuable data and services from attackers with our comprehensive and proactive penetration testing solutions.

Cyber Security Assessments

Whether you need a full Red Team Assessment or a Corporate OSINT Assessment, our team of security experts has you covered.

Cyber Awareness Training

On-site or online cyber awareness training from experienced instructors. Empower your staff to protect your business from within with heightened cyber awareness.

Why Sencode?

Sencode is a multi-award-winning company with end-to-end ownership of everything we do. We specialise in advanced penetration testing services, social engineering, and cybersecurity training. Additionally, we offer a free retest and carbon offsetting for each penetration test we conduct. Our testing includes personalised remediation for the diverse sectors we serve.

Trust Our

Comprehensive Reporting

Here at Sencode Cyber Security, we believe that reports should be written for human beings, not robots. We produce comprehensive reports and avoid unnecessary technical jargon. 

Security Professionals

All of our security testers hold industry-leading certifications, such as the Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) and CREST.

Quality Training

We ensure that complex concepts are explained using practical and simple terminology, making them easier for non-technical staff to understand and gain the perspective of a threat actor.

Constant Innovation

Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art security services and products that are user-friendly and relatable to our clients so that they are empowered to improve their security posture.

Get in touch for a consultation.

Contact a consulting team member by phone, email, or pigeon post. We will then discuss whether we can help you and arrange a scoping meeting to discuss your requirements.

In the scoping meeting, our team will discuss your requirements in further detail. Our team will ask questions in regards to the following:

We send your company a Project Proposal

Our expert consultants will discuss and finalise which digital assets you need testing in the scoping meeting. Based on the requirements, we will then assemble a project proposal and quote and agree on a schedule for conducting the security assessment. Our proposal document will include the following information:

We start the Penetration Testing

The Penetration Testing starts. A member of our Penetration Testing team will liaise with a member of your company throughout the entire testing process. You will be the first to know if we have any questions or concerns. Our testing team will be on hand throughout the penetration test lifecycle to answer any questions or concerns. Our tester will:

You receive your Report and Remediate Issues

A Penetration Test is useless without a well-written report. Our reports are written in plain English, concise, and thoroughly documented. The Penetration Test Report is typically furnished within 5 days after the testing phase is complete. If you are interested in seeing an example report, please contact our team.

Each report details the following:

We test the remediation efforts and update the Report

At Sencode, we offer free retesting for every Penetration Test we conduct. You fix the issues; then we will verify they can no longer be exploited by an attacker. Our team will arrange a mutually suitable time to conduct the retest, after the remediation efforts have taken place. Our tester will follow these steps:

Deliver a Security Testing Certificate

Our clients receive a testing certificate that can be shared with partners and customers, showing that their company takes security seriously. The certificate and document are designed to be easily digested by third-party suppliers, the document removes the technical details and can be safely distributed.

The Security Testing Certificate is available on request, after the retest has been complete. The security certificate shows:

Get in touch for a consultation.

Contact a consulting team member by phone, email, or pigeon post. We will then discuss whether we can help you and arrange a scoping meeting to discuss your requirements.

In the scoping meeting, our team will discuss your requirements in further detail. Our team will ask questions in regards to the following:

Types of Penetration Testing Services

Web App Penetration Testing

You can ensure the security of any online web application, whether internal or public-facing, by conducting comprehensive penetration testing. Our skilled testers follow the OWASP guidelines so that, while simulating an attacker’s behaviours, they may find security problems in your application using an established framework.

Network Penetration Testing

Led by expert CREST-registered security consultants. Our comprehensive Internal and External network infrastructure assessments help build resilience and improve the security posture of your corporate environment.

VAPT Testing

Explore comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) to safeguard your digital assets from vulnerabilities and cyber threats. Ensure security and regulatory compliance now.

Mobile Penetration Testing

Perform static and dynamic analysis of a mobile application for security vulnerabilities. Our mobile application tests ensure the security of any mobile app to the OWASP-MASV Standard alongside our custom methodology.

Cloud Penetration Testing

Verify the security of your cloud infrastructure, whether it’s hosted with AWS, Azure, GCP, or any other cloud platform. Our Cloud Penetration Test helps safeguard cloud infrastructure from hackers before they can act.

API Penetration Testing

Guard your API against attacks and misuse with an API Penetration Test. Whether internal or external, we will establish the security of an API and all of its endpoints, leaving no room for it to be exploited.

Our Penetration Testing Reporting

Clear Reports
Our Penetration Testing report standards are clear, concise and actionable. Example reports are available upon request.
Client Debrief
Every assessment from our expert team comes with a project debrief after delivering the report. This ensures that our clients get one-to-one support from the Penetration Tester.
Indicators of Compromise (IOCs)
Our reports are furnished with detailed IOCs, ensuring you have all the necessary information to detect and respond to security incidents.

Key Cyber Security Statistics

Approximately 11% of UK businesses experienced cyber-related incidents in the last 12 months.
The average annual cost of cybercrime for UK businesses is approximately £15,300 per victim.
52% of data breaches were due to malicious attacks.
2.39 million
2.39 million instances of cyber crime reported by businesses and approximately 785,000 by charities.

Types of Cyber Security Services

Microsoft Cloud Security Review

A comprehensive analysis of your Microsoft Azure infrastructure, focusing on identifying and addressing security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations to enhance cloud security.

AWS Cloud Security Review

A detailed evaluation of your AWS environment aimed at uncovering potential security risks and ensuring compliance with best practices and policies.

Red Team Assessment

An advanced, full-scope simulation mimicking real-world cyber attacks, designed to test and improve the effectiveness of your entire security posture.

OSINT Assessment

Gathering and analysing information from publicly available sources to identify potential vulnerabilities and threats in your organisation’s digital footprint.


Don’t just trust our word for it; hear what our clients have to say about working with our team.
“The team was super friendly, really knowledgeable, and happy to chat things over with us. They did really great work, and I’m very happy that we got to work with them.”
William Mayor
Director of IT, Diversity and Ability
“The team at Sencode are flexible and easy to work with while also being extremely diligent and professional in what they do. As a result, we regard Sencode as a critical partner in ensuring our software is properly tested.”
Gary Barnett
CTO , Huler
“We held a briefing meeting with Callum to demo the system, answer relevant questions, and provide access for the testing. Once the testing was completed the report was efficient and comprehensive.”
Francis Gibbons
Proj Manager, TCD
Hundreds of companies across the world trust Sencode.
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What is the OWASP Top 10: Download our flash cards to find out.

Inside you will find a description of the most common web vulnerabilities.

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Our commitment to the environment

We believe all companies should be taking the climate crisis seriously, this is why we make a donation every time someone purchases some services from us (10 Tonnes – Carbon Offsetting for your Business).

More information on MakeItWild can be found here.

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