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What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration Testing, often likened to a simulated cyber-attack, involves a team of security experts who examine your infrastructure as if they were actual attackers. This thorough approach aims to conduct an impartial evaluation of your company’s infrastructure and systems, pinpointing significant security vulnerabilities in software and configurations.

Applicable to various digital environments, the techniques and methodologies of Penetration Testing are tailored to suit the specific context of the environment under test, ensuring a comprehensive and effective security assessment.

Why is pen testing important?

Penetration Testing as a service uncovers critical vulnerabilities often missed in the development of networked environments or digital applications.

Despite developers’ best efforts, constraints in time, budget, and expertise can leave gaps in security. Our Pen Testing service identifies these hidden flaws, fortifying your digital environment against cyber threats and hacker attacks, ensuring a more secure and resilient infrastructure.

Our Unmatched Penetration Testing Services

Web Penetration Testing

You can assure the security of any online application, whether internal or public-facing, by testing it. Our skilled testers follow the OWASP standard so that, while simulating the behaviours of an attacker, they may find security problems in your application using an established framework.

Network Penetration Testing

Led by expert CREST registered consultants. Our comprehensive Internal and External network infrastructure assessments help build resilience and improve the security posture of your corporate environment.

VAPT Testing

Explore comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) to safeguard your digital assets from vulnerabilities and cyber threats. Ensure security and regulatory compliance now.

Mobile Penetration Testing

Perform static and dynamic analysis of a mobile application for security vulnerabilities. Our mobile application tests ensure the security of any mobile app to the OWASP-MASV Standard alongside our own custom methodology.

Cloud Penetration Testing

Verify the security of your cloud infrastructure whether it’s hosted with AWS, Azure, GCP or any other cloud platform. Our Cloud Penetration Test helps safeguard cloud infrastructure from hackers before they have the chance to act.

API Penetration Testing

Guard your API against attacks and misuse with an API Penetration Test. Whether internal or external we will establish the security of an API and all of its endpoints leaving no room for it to be exploited.

What is the OWASP Top 10: Download our flash cards to find out.

Inside you will find a description of the most common web vulnerabilities.