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Cyber Awareness Training

Teach your staff to protect themselves and their organisation from data breaches with our professional cyber awareness training.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

Our information security training allows members of your organisation to learn how to spot cyber threats by presenting them from the perspective of an attacker. This teaches them what information is valuable, why, and how to detect threats to data. With more companies working remotely than ever before and hackers targeting remote workers, teaching your staff how to protect themselves is more important than ever.

What do we teach?

The purpose of cyber security awareness training is to teach staff to detect and respond to security threats at every level. This, in turn, helps reduce the number of security incidents as well as their severity. Some of the modules in our cyber security essentials training include:

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Check out our 2022 Prospectus for more information about our Cyber Security Awareness Training and a list of modules designed to help you promote heightened cyber awareness within your workforce.

From a hackers perspective

Learn from the attacker with our unique content built specifically to show how an attacker acts to learn their methods and goals. Cover typical security threats as well as watch attacks in real-time such as ransomware and malware. Designed for learners of all skill levels, our training will provide the tools they need to meet your organisation’s needs.

Impact on your business

Building security best practices helps reduce data breaches and security incidents. While also benefiting the company for security, it also fulfils the requirements of standards such as ISO 27001 allowing your company to know how to manage data effectively and securely. Training allows staff to come away with a greater knowledge of data security in all areas, giving staff and managers peace of mind and confidence to work securely.

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Being cyber aware means having enough knowledge about risks to business continuity and how to adopt the use of best practices to mitigate them. Staying safe online, spotting scams and fraud as they happen, and promoting strong cyber resilience from within an organisation are all positive outcomes of good cyber awareness.


    Unfortunately, human behaviour is extremely predictable and easy to manipulate. Cyberattacks often start with social engineering attacks in which the common behavioural patterns or personality traits of your staff are exploited so that a foothold inside your digital business infrastructure can be gained. Empowering your employees to be able to spot these attacks and stop them in their tracks is the primary purpose of cyber awareness training.


    Cyber security awareness training is a strategy commonly used by business leaders to ensure the safety and resilience of a company by empowering its workforce to be mindful of the risks from cyberattacks. These risks are constantly changing so it is advisable to have a rigorous and regular cyber awareness training strategy that is reviewed at least every six months.


    Our entry level eLearning package starts from £15 per person per year for access to our regularly updated cyber awareness content, test questions and periodic certificate of completion. We also offer in house training sessions in person which can be tailored to your specific business requirements on request.