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Security Beyond Compliance

Having spoken to many cybersecurity professionals at various networking events and expos, one recurring topic of conversation seems to arise; that business owners are put off improving their cybersecurity posture because they have little knowledge of the dangers that cybercrime can pose, or of the simple methods by which they can achieve security. Many organisations emphasise the importance of cybersecurity awareness in their workforce and demonstrate compliance by implementing government and industry-recommended training, but then fail to review whether it has had the desired positive impact on their end users’ behaviour. Therefore, a common observation is that responsible business owners are unable to see the value in cybersecurity services, like penetration testing, until it is too late. Sencode aims to narrow the gap between understanding the problem and acting to mitigate the damage it can potentially cause, by offering an e-learning platform that gives insight into the most common misconceptions, in a comprehensive and interactive e-learning series.

Sencode addresses poor understanding of the dangers of cybercrime and the lack of cybersecurity in the business environment. Designing a solution to this problem in the form of an e-learning platform, then creating this solution as an implemented, accessible, relevant e-learning package is our mission.

Sencode are changing the attitude towards security in the workplace and shifting the paradigm. Security is not just a box you need to tick in order to fulfil compliance criterion. It is a mindset and a professional attitude that needs to be nurtured from the top down. Sencode delivers Security Beyond Compliance.