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Each piece of the cyber security puzzle for your organisation is important. At Sencode, we believe the best way to combat the surge in cybercrime is to use an innovative method we call ‘Test & Teach’. Firstly we do some form of security assessment whether this is a penetration test or a full red team engagement. This allows us to highlight issues that are different for each individual company. Then, once we have found vulnerabilities that need to be addressed, we tailor our cyber awareness training to our findings. This provides companies with a more secure system and a more secure mindset. Ultimately, they will be more cyber security-aware and have peace of mind knowing that these issues will not arise again. 

The Problem

It is too often we go into an engagement, and 12 months later nothing has changed. Maybe a new issue has arisen which can be prevented had the staff been more security conscious. Too many cyber security resources are lacking due to addressing the symptoms and not the cause. Teaching staff how they can develop with security in mind and empowering them to take security-conscious action are at the core of our efforts to eliminate future security incidents.


With Test & Teach, we deliver a full vulnerability report that includes the impact that a vulnerability might have. It also includes remediation for our findings which help to show system managers how to address an issue. However, this kind of report only protects from known vulnerabilities. It may be that a new update is available that is just as insecure six months down the line. This is where our Test & Teach approach comes in. Training staff to, not only fix what is there but proactively fix these vulnerabilities before they are ever an issue. In an ideal world, there would be no need for a company such as ours because everything would be secure. Until that day, we are going to do everything we can to make you as secure as possible. 

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