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The Most Common TCP Ports And Their Services

The Most Common TCP Ports and Their Services

When looking at the output of a port scan, many hackers will know which service many of them correspond to. However, this does not necessarily show how common these ports are. This post highlights which ports are ACTUALLY most common on the internet and the services they most commonly run.

PortCommon ServiceNumber of servers
80Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)                    66,176,763
443HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol over SSL/TLS)                    53,584,827
7547CPE WAN Management Protocol Technical Report                     37,683,222
22Secure Shell (SSH)—used for secure logins, file transfers (scp, sftp) and port forwarding                    18,524,084
8080HTTP alternate                    10,161,093
5060Session Initiation Protocol                       9,824,113
53Domain Name System (DNS)                      9,284,076
21File Transfer Protocol(FTP)                      8,977,091
123Network Time Protocol (NTP)                      7,086,707
4567Sinatra default server port in development mode                       6,523,383
8089Splunk Daemon / Networker or Sun Solcitice Backup                       6,353,488
25Simple Mail Transfer Protocol                       5,694,829
8008EMC2 (Legato) Networker or Sun Solcitice Backup /TCP – HTTP Alternate / IBM HTTP Server administration default                       4,402,625
3389Windows Remote Desktop /Remote Assistance connections                      4,166,413
2000RemoteAnywhere                      4,163,712
554Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)                      4,048,182
3306MySQL database system                      3,806,265
1723Microsoft Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol                       3,635,916
993Internet Message Access Protocol over SSL                      3,535,499
110POP3                      3,488,069
500ipsec                      3,482,985
587e-mail message submission (SMTP)                      3,449,937
8081HTTP alternate                      3,414,461
995Post Office Protocol 3 over TLS/SSL                      3,385,926
465URL Rendezvous Directory for SSM (Cisco protocol)                      3,288,388
23telnet                      3,229,786
179BGP (Border Gateway Protocol)                       3,221,281
143Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP)                      3,127,869
2087WebHost Manager default SSL                      2,784,404
8000common alternative http port                      2,675,021
2083CPanel default SSL / Secure Radius Service (radsec)                       2,563,786

We have the information for over 38 thousand ports from port number 1 – 38020 using Shodan’s API that allows us to check the open ports for every device they have scanned. This is most likely one of the best sources for this information other than scanning every IP range and port range yourself. If you’re looking to build a most common port scan list as opposed to the NMAP top 1000, you can find the file right [here].