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Month: January 2021


Tools for penetration testing

We all know that skilled hackers are only as good as the tools they use – whether they are self-made or widely available to download, professionals rely on tools to speed up tests and complete tasks which would otherwise not be humanly possible (such as exploit’s with race conditions, for example). So, here they are; Sencode Cyber Security’s top 5 hacking tools as of February 2021.

Capitol Hill Insurrection

Now that the Dust has settled on the Capitol Hill Riots, the consequences have become more and more apparent, not only with the lives lost and the damage to property, but also for the national security of the United States of America.

Are ‘smart-cards’ really secure?

Near Field Communication NFC as a technology works in a very similar way to Crystal Radio. It is a method of receiving and processing radio signals. NFC adds another level to this which transmits from point to point using the power gained from these signals.. This allows for two devices to communicate completely wirelessly without … Read More