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Tools for penetration testing

We all know that skilled hackers are only as good as the tools they use, whether they are self-made or widely available to download, professionals rely on tools to speed up tests and complete tasks which would otherwise not be humanly possible (such as exploits with race conditions, for example). So, here they are; Sencode Cyber Security’s top 5 hacking tools as of August 2021.

No.1: Burp Suite Pro

Anyone who has tried to test a website, knows how useful the collections of tools and metadata contained within Burp Suite is. Not simply a collection of some of the best tools available, but it also has a thriving plugin marketplace that expands its capabilities further. From SQL injection to side channel attacks, burp suite has every tool you need for testing websites. 

No.2: Metasploit Framework

Love it or hate it, Metasploit Framework makes exploitation a breeze. This bundle of exploits and management tools allows you to pop shells on a computer like no other, with session management, a database of exploits, and a user-friendly UI (on the command line). Metasploit sets a standard for exploitation frameworks which has yet to be surpassed, and has earned the number 2 spot in our top 5 hacking tools.

No.3: Wireshark

If you’ve ever had to monitor network traffic or inspect and edit packets, Wireshark is the go to. And because of this, it has been a staple for network managers and hackers since its inception. With some of the best device support and advanced features this software suite’s long history makes it one of the most feature rich and useful tools you can have. 

No.4: Nmap

Nmap may be notoriously slow, but it is still widely regarded as the best, none-the-less! If there is a port to be scanned, Nmap is the tool to scan it. With its Nmap Scripting Engine (NSE) the added features to this port scanner are essential to the reconnaissance of any engagement. The ability to see which ports/services are open on a server is invaluable to any hacker. Information is a hacker’s most valuable tool, and Nmap gives it in spades. 

No.5: Hashcat 


With blazing fast speeds, Hashcat can crack pretty much any password with enough time and money to spend on GPU’s. The ability to crack hashed data is paramount to a hacker or even just someone who has lost their password. Hashcat allows for extremely quick cracking as well as a plethora of options and tweaks to make any cracking just that little bit quicker. From wordlists to brute force, if you’ve got to crack it Hashcat can hack it!

There we have it! Sencode’s top 5 hacking tools. For more information about ethical hacking and securing networks, contact us.