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Common Network Security Threats

The number of common network security threats is growing. This article offers a deeper understanding of their impact on businesses and one possible solution.

Sencode Network Security Audits
Sencode Network Security Audits

The number of common network security threats is growing. It is beneficial to gain a deeper understanding of business networks. This includes their many components, and even the sets of rules or protocols through which they govern themselves. This in turn, will reveal the importance of recognising network security threats and how to mitigate them.

These days, it is no longer a matter of if a business is attacked, but when.

Savvy cybercriminals are advancing themselves. They exhibit better organisation and are more obscure in their attacks. As a result, they are also costing UK businesses £21 billion annually according to the Cabinet Office.

The old cliché

These attackers or ‘bad actors’ come in many forms. The cliché, hooded teenagers stooped in the dark over a laptop in their grandmother’s basement trying to impress their peers. The large government-funded agencies behind a disruptive covert nation state attack. They do not discriminate or have any consideration for the collateral damage they cause. In fact, an attacker may not even be human at all. The introduction of black-box machine learning and AI is also available to cybercriminals. Software automation can now patrol the internet scanning for weaknesses that are exploitable. Once found, they can relay their details autonomously back to the Threat Actors of origin.  

Awareness is key

Cybersecurity professionals operate in an echo chamber of ‘We need to raise awareness of the dangers of cybercrime’. Business owners that may benefit from such a solution are already very aware of the dangers, yet still fall victim. This is not often due to their lack of awareness but they may simply lack the knowledge and tools to do anything about it themselves. They often do not know where to start and have other priorities that take precedence.

Our solution

Sencode believes that the best hope for mitigating common threats to networks and improving the security posture of businesses in the UK is only going to happen through the right kind of specialist training, tailor-made for each network that our clients want to protect.

Sencode Cyber Awareness Training covers the most common threats to network security