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Information Disclosure (OSINT)

An OSINT assessment allows the company to learn and appreciate it's full internet-facing footprint.

Can you access your internal networks without getting noticed? Do you know every internet-facing computer in your network and risk-assess it? An OSINT assessment allows the company to learn and appreciate it’s full internet-facing footprint.

What is Information Disclosure (OSINT) ?

Information Disclosure covers a wide range of topics and when we say information disclosure we mean information that is publicly available that could adversely impact your business. This information could include sensitive subdomains, user email addresses, or even passwords open for anyone to see. These are just a few of the things we look for when assessing a company for information disclosure.

Why OSINT assessments are important

More and more we are seeing disclosure of information being used against individuals and companies. Whether it’s something as easy and successful as a spearfishing attack, or even ‘Doxing‘. The information released online about you could lead to extreme consequences if not managed proactively and correctly. We want to help limit the damage it could cause to your company.

Attackers use these OSINT techniques to extensively research your company before they engage in an attack. A common mistake companies make is not taking their internet foot-print seriously. What are your employees posting online? What information are they giving away needlessly?.

How we can help

We use a suite of specialist information disclosure (OSINT) tools and techniques to help you identify the information which is available online about you or your business. This allows you to view the footprint you have online and make it smaller reducing the chances of a hacker using it to hack into one of your systems.

Our assessment will help you to better understand how much information can be gathered from malicious attackers about your company and key employees, without ever communicating with your systems.

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