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Mobile App Pentesting

Evaluate the security of your IOS or Android application with a mobile application penetration test.

Mobile App Pentesting

Appsec is an important step to ensuring the security of a mobile app. Many modern mobile applications have large amounts of functionality and integrations with backends like Firebase or AWS. This functionality may function perfectly but leave user data risk both in the cloud and on the Android or IOS device. We work to ensure that issues are caught before they can be exploited by an attacker.

What do we test for?

During an appsec test, we take a holistic look at the app for a number of vectors and conduct a risk analysis which allows us to test to a standard that matches the requirements of the app and its backend. Our tests use the OWASP-MASVS standard with bespoke techniques and tools to establish the best possible security and outcome. Our testing includes:

  • Architecture and  design 
  • Data Storage and Privacy
  • Cryptography 
  • Authentication and Session Management
  • Network Communication
  • Code Quality and Build Settings

What are the risks?

Mobile applications often hold and collect large amounts of data. This data is extremely important to a business and its users. As such, if a hacker gets hold of that data it can not only cause massive damage to a business’s reputation with its users but can also incur large fines and possible lawsuits from them.

Mobile applications are often developed at pace which means best practices can be missed and security hindered. Hackers have begun building automating attacks against allowing them to get access to data at scale, so applications don’t have to be a target of a specific hacker but part of an automated campaign.

Decorative image of a phone being hacked.
Decorative image at left of text showing protected mobile phone

How we can help

We are a team with deep expertise in Appsec and
mobile app pentesting
and their back end infrastructure. We work specifically to help improve the security of our clients and offer comprehensive reports that highlight issues in a detailed and intelligible manner. Our tests are specifically designed to remove the risk of inconvenience during the testing process and keep you up to date as the test progresses. We work directly with our clients to ensure the best possible outcome of all our tests and use our unique tools and methodologies to ensure that we establish Security Beyond Compliance.

The Sencode Way


Contact us

Contact a member of our consulting team either by phone, email or pidgeon post. We will then discuss whether we can help you and arrange a scoping meeting to discuss your requirements.


Scoping & Proposal

In the scoping meeting our expert consultants will discuss and finalise which digital assets you need testing. We will then put together a project proposal and quote based on the requirements and agree on a schedule for conducting the security assessment.


Penetration Testing

The testing starts. A member of our penetration testing team will liase with a member of your company throughout the entire testing process. If we have any questions or concerns, you will be the first to know.


Report & Remediate

A penetration test is useless without a well written report. Our reports are written in plain english, concise and thoroughly documented. Each report will detail an executive summary, risk ratings, a business risk summary and all of the issues we found throughout the engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions


Mobile penetration testing is the technique of simulating an attack on a mobile application in order to verify its security. A tester will get the app files and perform a series of tests that the application is secure. Static analysis of the code is frequently included in these tests to guarantee that there are no security vulnerabilities. Testing of the back end hosting provider, such as Firebase, is also included, ensuring that hackers are unable to read or write to parts of the database that they should not be able to.


Because mobile applications are not the same as web applications, evaluating them requires a completely new approach. OWASP-MASVS was created primarily to help penetration testers discover mobile application security vulnerabilities. This can comprise a variety of strategies aimed at protecting mobile apps against various forms of threats.


Any application that stores or collects users’ personal information is beholden to GDPR and as such are required to get a penetration test. GDPR mandates that you monitor the efficiency of your security controls on a regular basis and review applications and essential infrastructure for security vulnerabilities.

Because mobile applications are so common and frequently gather various types of user data, such as addresses and credit card numbers, it is critical that this data is not vulnerable to hackers and cannot be stolen in the event of a data breach. A mobile penetration test can help eliminate this risk and verify that the app is safe.

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