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What is Red Teaming?

What is Red Teaming?

Red teaming is a simulated cyber attack that assesses an organisation’s security by having security professionals act as pseudo-hackers to identify and exploit vulnerabilities. The scope can be open or closed, and the end goal is to provide a detailed report on vulnerabilities, methods used, and advice on fixing them, covering a range of potential attack vectors

Impact of Cybercrime

Cybercrime’s Impact on Business

While internet security may not be a top priority when starting a business, ignoring potential risks can be disastrous. One of the mistakes executives and managers make is assuming their company is less vulnerable to cyber-attacks than larger corporations. Small businesses, on the other hand, have an equal probability of becoming victims of cybercrime. The most frequent cause for this is that SMEs may lack the resources that larger corporations do. This leaves them more susceptible to cyberattacks and less likely to survive a successful attack.

Ten Steps to Privacy Protection

Ten Simple Steps to Protect Your Privacy

Wondering what the first steps should be to reclaim and protect your privacy ? Do you know the best steps to advise someone learning about online privacy to take? Do you want to assist someone in your family or friends? If so, this blog is for you.

Mobile App Penetration Testing Methodology

Mobile App Penetration Testing Methodology

Mobile Application Penetration Testing often has a different flow to web application or network testing. This is because not only do you get an application but you also get the software itself. This runs on a device you control and allows for a much wider attack surface. It also allows DE compilation of code and hooking of calls all in service of attacking the application. As such, mobile app pentesting requires an entirely different skill set, knowledge base and methodology. Most mobile application penetration tests rely on the OWASP-MASVS (Mobile Application Security Verification Standard). Senior application developers and hackers are responsible for developing this to ensure that applications meet minimum security requirements. The content in this blog comes from the OWASP-MSTG  which is one of the most complete methodologies available. 

Smart Device Security Threats

Smart Device Security Threats

The threat of smart home devices is growing. It’s almost 2022 and the market for IOT or smart devices is exploding. In fact, one estimate predicts there will be 21 billion IOT devices by the end of 2021! This innovation explosion means it is now possible to purchase a kettle that we can switch on … Read more

Are Wireless Networks Secure?

Wireless networks are generally a weaker alternative to a hardwire connections. Why is this? Well, if the wireless network’s traffic is open, then anyone within range can gain access which means it’s vulnerable to a ‘sniffing attack’. Modern wireless networks get around this by using encryption that requires a secret key.  How are wireless networks … Read more

Password Managers

Should You Use a Password Manager?

Unfortunately, using just one or a combination of the most common and predictable password traits makes you an easy target for a malicious hacker – and not necessarily a particularly skilled one. But, should you use a password manager?