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Smart Device Security Threats

Smart Device Security Threats

The threat of smart home devices is growing. It’s almost 2022 and the market for IOT or smart devices is exploding. In fact, one estimate predicts there will be 21 billion IOT devices by the end of 2021! This innovation explosion means it is now possible to purchase a kettle that we can switch on … Read more

Are Wireless Networks Secure?

Wireless networks are generally a weaker alternative to a hardwire connections. Why is this? Well, if the wireless network’s traffic is open, then anyone within range can gain access which means it’s vulnerable to a ‘sniffing attack’. Modern wireless networks get around this by using encryption that requires a secret key.  How are wireless networks … Read more

Password Managers

Should You Use a Password Manager?

Unfortunately, using just one or a combination of the most common and predictable password traits makes you an easy target for a malicious hacker – and not necessarily a particularly skilled one. But, should you use a password manager?

How Hackers Get Your Password

Passwords are often the weakest part of an organisation’s or individual’s security. Often passwords are easy to guess, reused, or stored improperly, meaning a hacker with enough skill can gain access to

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Cyber Security Starts with Physical Security

In this article we will outline what is meant by physical security in the context of cyber security. We will have a look at the top ten best practices for securing your environment physically. Most of these you may think are common sense. However, you really would be amazed to discover how many reputable

What is Sensitive Information Under GDPR?

GDPR gives the control of personal data back to the person it belongs to. This, in turn, ensures a safeguard for peoples’ privacy as a basic human right. It is important for companies to be aware of and adhere to as there are tough financial penalties for non-compliance. 

What is Google Dorking

If the name doesn’t already sound strange enough, wait until you see what you can do with Google Dorking.  Before we dive deep into how we can use Google Dorking.  We must first look at search engines themselves. What is a search engine? A search engine can be thought of as a behemothic database, however, … Read more

What is OSINT?

OSINT or Open-source Intelligence is a process of data collection using sources that are open to the public. This can be a wide range of origins – anything from large blogs to specific images and the metadata contained within. Everything posted online discloses some information about the poster and this is what OSINT is looking … Read more

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How to Check if You Have Been Hacked by Pegasus

Pegasus Project is now one of the biggest scandals, with tens of thousands of government officials and journalists being hacked and surveilled by their own governments, and other countries using malware and spyware developed by NSO group; a ‘Cyber Intelligence’ company based in Israel.

Public, Powerful, and Free: The Hacker’s Arsenal

While it is true that some elite hacking tools are passed in the shadows, most of these business-breaking programs are available on the public internet and have thousands of developers. For any aspiring hacker, these applications allow them to complete tasks in seconds which, 5 years ago, would make an experienced hacker take pause. Bypassing … Read more